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Condom and Lubricant Assortments

Assorted selections of condoms and lubricants at great prices. Try our Trojan condom selection. Or get the best of both worlds with our always popular SafeSense Mega-Assortment - a top value lubricant and condom assortment. The best way to try something new and different !

Assortments - Condom

Assortments - Durex Brand

Assortments - Extra Headroom

Assortments - Extra Strength

Assortments - Flavored

Assortments - Flavorful

Assortments - Flavors and Colors

Assortments - Heating

Assortments - Japanese

Assortments - Larger

Assortments - LifeStyles Brand

Assortments - Lubricant

Assortments - Lubricants

Assortments - Non-Latex

Assortments - Ribbed & Studs

Assortments - SafeSense

Assortments - Silicone

Assortments - Smaller

Assortments - Super Sensitive

Assortments - Trojan Condom

Assortments - Water

cl1.gif Condom and Lube Deal Four
Price $13.99

cl2.gif Condom and Lube Deal One
Price $13.99

cl4.gif Condom and Lube Deal Three
Price $13.99

cl3.gif Condom and Lube Deal Two
Price $16.99

Flavored Lubricant Collection (6-Pack)
Price $4.99

Heating Lubricant Collection (5-Pack)
Price $3.99

ss_kimono_assortmentl_front_thumb2.gif Kimono Condom Assortment (8-Pack)
Price $5.99

non-latex-assortment.gif Non-Latex Condom Assortment (6-pack)
Price $11.99

safesense-1-assortment.gif SafeSense Condom Assortment #1 (16-pack)
Price $7.99

Silicone Lubricant Collection (3-Pack)
Price $3.49

Water-Based Lubricant Collection (5-Pack)
Price $4.29

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